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heeyyy! sorry i haven't really updated, it's either i don't feel like scanning stuff, or i just haven't drawn anything worth posting. but i'm scraping around for things to post, just for you guys.

spain, s.italy, and a lady. i scanned this for a friend because it was the only thing i had drawn in a little while, and she wanted to see. everything is deformed because i forgot how to draw...

june, anberlin, and july. this is my friend's scan! because i gave it to her. i want to fix it up digitally somehow, since i wasn't able to fully finish it. uhh i drew most of this sitting on a washer that only had a pair of someone's tye dye underwear inside because i was waiting for my own laundry to finish, and listening to my friends talk about call of cthulhu or world of darkness or something because my nerd points went through the roof this summer.. wow i'm rambling I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY MY COMPLETELY RELEVENT COMMENTARY.

comic!! you guys are probably seeing this before my partner, who i'm working with on this HAHAHA.
the girl is jillian and i really like her already, she's edmond's younger sister.
website for the comic!

wow this is a pathetic entry..... :c
Tags: comics, hetalia, masochism tango, tentacle twins
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