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i have more to post than i thought!

geez my browser randomly crashed twice when i was trying to put this together. also i really hate photobucket's uploading system now booooo

i've been floating around niko's paintchat lately these days, fun fun fun. holla if you wanna draw with me sometime :0 apparently i'm too lazy to resize things, ah, sorry!

this supergirl caused me so much pain. i think i'll fix it up a lil sometime though and upload it to daaaaa

ALSO i scan a lot of dumb things for casey to see so why not upload it here!! the scans are kind of bad though q_p

my pasquale(left) and her carmine (right), they are cutefaces, i should finish this sometime looolll

darlingdearestcaseyface's (lol) characters, lorenzo and finny from the comic happy landfill WHICH SHE SHOULD UPDAAAAAAAAATE

she told me to draw some cute girlies

charcter stuff for the carving knife, justine!

my sketches are awful

UMMM sorry for the previous lack of updates, that should be over now. i had massive art block q_p i've been hopping from sketchbook to sketchbook but i finally just went to the little 7x10 spiral sketchbook i usually use and everything is okay again orz
why must i be so difficult
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