oops lol posted this to my other journal at first

sorry if i haven't gotten back to your comment, i promise to do so soon!
ohhhh i guess i should mentioned, i changed my username! moinoi moinoi fffff
here are some projects i did for my scifi/fantasy class, i vomited all of these out in one day lol

preview (not a very... good one......)
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also if any of you fine lads could tell me how i can reinstall photoshop after it has been installed in the past (that weird thief prevention thing? i hear that's what it is ARGH SO MUCH HASSLE) i would be INCREDIBLY grateful
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today is drawing day, buuttt i didn't get much done.
i think i forgot to post the link to introduce wikipedia, yahoo, and google in the last entry.


yahoo probably tripped him.
digital drawing takes me SOOOO LONGGGG

and i plan on trying to get my entry for that dumb mangabullet thing done too UGH

ffff f ff f greece

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march 2007:

april 2009:

i wish i had a better panel to show, lol, these are pretty lame. plus tory looks SUPER YOUNG (it's not like he doesn't all of the damn time anyway) but anyway, here is the full page:

nothing fancy done to this page but i needed to redraw it like, really badly. the other one was so embarassing i could die. i die even thinking that so many people have seen it.
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here's a seychelles i was coloring:

i know she's like SUPER DARK here, i didn't notice until too late her profile said "light brown skin" orz
but seychelles' people are kind of dark so...!
a quick (boring) sketch because i need to practice cg more often. i'm stuck on the background, haha.
when i have to color eyes like this, i think it looks less like my style. q_p
that doesn't even make sense, huh?

i also put some sketches up regarding rouet roulette here:
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long long ago, in china i'm told

lately i've been working on a new project.
i will post some art for it soon.
for now it's called "rouet roulette" (roo-ay roo-let or roo-ay roo-let-uh HAHA I DUNNO HOW TO SAY FRENCH WORDS way to go ticky), how do you think the title sounds? i'll probably change it but for now....
for now, you can be angry at me for the very thought of starting something new haha!
i miss drawing webcomics.
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